For couples

We strive to welcome all people, wherever life takes them, with whomever life takes them. Whether single or paired, we hope you find a place here to grow and serve. For couples, Pastor Ron is a certified facilitator in Prepare/Enrich.

What is Prepare/Enrich you ask? 

It's a fantastic relationship assessment tool for couples! Couples of all kinds: dating, engaged, newly married, long married, gay, straight, biological parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, not parents, even couples of different faiths! 

The assessment is customized to each couple's unique life situation, leading to fruitful conversations as the couple goes over the results with Pastor Ron using some engaging questions and activities that will be eye-opening and some are even fun! 

It's not a test! And it's not just for couples having problems! It's for any stage of a couple's relationship, with their joys and challenges. If this sounds like it could be useful for you, ask Pastor Ron about it! 

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