What better way to celebrate or re-energize yourself mid-week to get ready to tackle the rest of the week than by joining us Wednesday evenings? Dinner is provided for all thanks to donations and volunteers. There is something for everyone! See below for more info. We look forward to seeing you here! Runs throughout the school year:

5:30pm ~ Dinner

6-7pm ~ Faith formation for all ages

7pm ~ Brief closing worship  

Faith Formation Opportunities 6-7pm:

Children Ages 2 thru 5th Grade

Godly Play: This innovative learning draws on the traditions of ancient storytelling using a Montessori type approach. The teachers model how to use the language of the Christian tradition through presentations of parables, sacred stories, liturgy and silence. Godly Play stories follow the Church year calendar and encourage children to wonder and explore what Jesus means to them and in their lives. The Godly Play classroom provides a space to worship God, not just speak about God. Just as adults experience the sanctuary as sacred space, so do the children experience the Godly Play room as sacred space. And there’s tons of giggles and fun and art and play!

6th-8th Grade - Jr High Youth Group

Fellowship, Faith, and Fun: Sharing of our lives and where we see Jesus in them. Growing and developing and deepening our Faith Journeys. Figuring out what we believe and how scripture applies to our daily lives. This is a SAFE place, that welcomes EVERYONE, no matter who you are in the world, you have the freedom to leave it all behind and just be YOU! This is a place for questioning and wondering and dreaming. 

High school

They meet on Tuesday evenings! Click here for more info.


A Bible study is offered for adults which is usually based on the previous Sunday's scripture reading. This allows us to continue to chew on what we experienced on Sunday, opening ourselves up to continued growth throughout the week.