office manager


I am so happy to be here at BLC! I’ve been the office manager since July 2016. I am pretty much born and raised in Auburn but spent a couple of years growing up in San Diego and Seattle. My dad owned car dealerships, so we moved around a lot. Unfortunately, he passed away in May of 2000. I attended Alta Vista, went to E.V. Cain Middle School and graduated from Placer High in 2002.

I don't drink coffee, I simply do not care for the way it tastes, but I do indulge in a chai tea every once in a while. I enjoy being outside and one of my favorite things is watering my plants. I know that sounds boring but it truly is peaceful and also my time to think or just zone out. I am a big movie buff and enjoy reading a lot too! My all-time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing and my favorite book is Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

I enjoy cooking and baking but not the cleaning! I love most music; after all it is the universal language. I like sports, football is my favorite with basketball being a close second. Fall and the holiday season are my favorite time of year. Watching the leaves change colors is just magical. I love my little dog, Magnum. He is such a good boy and has brought so much joy to my life.