director of music

email: omymusic@gmail.com

I first came to Bethlehem for a Christmas Eve service back in 1999, with my best friend and her family. I loved how welcoming and friendly everyone was and came back a few times with them to worship at their church. A year later, I was hired as the pianist for the new contemporary service as a member of the band Joyful Noise. At the time, I didn’t know much about contemporary Christian music, as my main experience with church music had been hymns in the Catholic church. I was, however, extremely blessed to have been a member of a gospel choir in Gulfport, Mississippi back in the 80’s and was a jazz major at American River College. Learning as I went along, I slowly got the hang of things.

During those early years, I was a member of the American River College Chamber Singers (Dr. Ralph Hughes) , the ARC Vocal Jazz Ensemble (DR. Art Lapierre) and the CSUS Jazz Singers. (Kerry Marsh). Between the two jazz groups, we won 5 Downbeat Awards, toured regionally and still get a bit of radio play here and there.

As a keyboard player, I had a blast touring regionally with the Katie Jane Band, and nationally with Ives the Band. This required some extended time away from BLC for months at a time, as well as my friends and family. Life on the road wasn’t for me in the long run so I returned home, happy to be in one place again. I’ve been working here ever since and truly love my Bethlehem family. My goal is to provide a deeply spiritual and authentic worship experience for all.

During the week, you can find me at Natomas Charter School, accompanying the vocal classes, music directing the musicals or composing new ones. (3 Elly Award nominations!), and teaching private voice lessons. You can also find me around the region performing with the Guemmer & Myers trio. A music ministry that goes to different churches to help them raise funds for their ministries.