director of children, youth, & Family


I have been working at BLC since  2015 but I have attended here most of my life. My mom actually started the Preschool Sunday School at BLC when I was three years old. It’s in our blood. I grew up at Bethlehem and was confirmed here in 1990. Being Lutheran is multi-generational with my family & so the legacy continues with my own children being active participants in many of Bethlehem's ministries. I have 3 children, a son attending college in Oregon and 2 girls at home with me. 

I am an Auburnite, born & raised; attending Lincoln Way Elementary, EV Cain and Placer High School. The community of Auburn is deeply ingrained in my heart. Community pride & tradition make Auburn a phenomenal place to live & raise children. One of our favorite places to be on a Friday nights in Fall is under the lights, at the football field, cheering for the Placer Hillmen, once a Hillmen always a Hillmen, and sharing that with my kids is pretty special. 

I love children. I love their innocence, their questions, their wiggles & giggles, their trust & openness.  I love watching them learn & grow. I love their wisdom & insight. I love their innate kindness & their ability to have limitless fun. I also love watching them wonder about life; I love that they’re not afraid  to sometimes ask the hard questions. Being able to share my love of Jesus with them and help grow their own personal faith stories is one of God’s biggest blessings in my life. Teaching them my favorite Bible verses and having them share how they see God in their lives is miraculous. Walking life’s ups and downs, highs and lows with them is an incredible journey. 

Hobbies… I LOVE football, I mean I REALLY love football. I also LOVE baseball, I love hiking, and  reading and dogs and dancing in the rain and flip flops in the sunshine. I love my family, my friends, my community and Jesus. I love giving back and serving others. 

I believe God calls me to love & that is what I do. I breathe in gratitude & exhale love. The message I  live by & teach in everything I do, is to be kind always. Always, always, always, be kind. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Whenever it’s possible, be kind, and it’s always possible

I look forward to meeting and welcoming you and your children and sharing with you  what God is up to at BLC. It’s a fantastic place to be! 

Love and peace,